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When should you bill your design clients?

When should you bill your design clients?

Designing great-looking logos or websites (or whatever your passion is) can be one of the most exhilarating experiences for designers like us. But after a while, you start to realize it’s not just about doing something you love. You’d also like to get paid for the work you do.

But when should you bill your design clients? There are all sorts of theories floating around the web from designers who claim to know the answer. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if there is just one right answer.

But there are a few good options. We’ll explore them today. Then, share your tips with us by leaving a comment. Tell us when you bill your clients and why.

Read the full article>>>>>>> When should you bill your design clients? | Graphic Design Blender.



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A Slap in the Face of Mediocrity: Shelby GT500

The current automotive landscape has way too many vehicles trying too hard to be everything for everyone. And in doing so they compromise on some things, ignore other things, and become identity-challenged bland-mobiles. The Shelby GT500 is none of that, and plenty more.

Words that should never be used to describe this Mustang-based 2011 Shelby GT500:

  • Subtle
  • Reserved
  • Bland
  • Boring

The Arrest Me-red, two-door arrived at the house on Monday, announcing itself a couple of blocks away with a hearty, lion-esque roar. Complete with white Le Mans stripes, flared fender wells, hyper-aggressive aerodynamics, carbon black wheels and a heavenly short throw shift knob at the pleasure point of a manual Six Speed, the Shel had the road presence of a professional wrestler fully engrossed in his “What are you looking at, Punk?” rant.

It almost had an aura around it.

What is a Shelby? Or more appropriately, who is the man that inspired this poke in the face of mediocrity? Carroll Shelby: A failed East Texas chicken rancher, speed merchant, successful racer, one time fighter pilot instructor, longest surviving double-organ transplant recipient, genuine American icon and the best natural salesman the world may have ever seen. That’s all he is.

A Slap in the Face of Mediocrity: Shelby GT500.

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Strombo | Futurama

April 17, 2011

A little while ago, we told you about the eVolo 2011 Skyscraper Competition. It’s an annual event open to architects and designers around the world to showcase possible buildings of the future, with an emphasis on finding better, more efficient ways to meld human and natural systems. The winner was the Ferris Wheel Skyscraper.

Basically, it’s a giant wind turbine made of old recycled cars that would not only produce energy, but grow plants…

Screen shot 2011-04-17 at 1.17.13 PM.png

Now, Popular Science magazine has posted a photo spread that includes the other finalists and some honorable mentions. They’re pretty cool.

Strombo | Futurama | CBC Television.


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Born This Way Album Cover – A Designer’s Perspective | Eric M Chicago

Lady Gaga released her Born This Way album cover last night at midnight CST and the reaction has been exactly what you think it would be:


If you’re not a designer or an artist, you’ll probably either love it or hate it within 3 seconds of seeing it. If you have a designer’s instinct, you’ll hate it. If you have a designer’s perspective, you’ll love it. And I’ll tell you why:

First of all, you have to count this as a complete success. Why? Because she got what she wanted from the designer. She’s incredibly proud of this cover and she loves it. As far as designer/client relationships go, the client walked away from this project happy and fulfilled. Great, so where does that leave you? Hating what she wanted? Don’t be so quick to knock it off your radar, you have to think like an artist to get there:

There are two major design-level themes going on here: Less-Is-More and Retro-Grade-Amnesia.

Born This Way Album Cover – A Designer’s Perspective | Eric M Chicago.

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Awe Inspiring Graphic Design Artist Joe Moore | SOULTRAVELMULTIMEDIA

By SoulTravelMultimedia

Joe Moore aka Soad2K is a phenomenal 22 year old artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He is self taught and has been featured in  Top Artist Under 25 in Advanced Photoshop and DA arts magazine as well as many others. The following are just some examples of his incredible art. Enjoy! :-)

Awe Inspiring Graphic Design Artist Joe Moore | SOULTRAVELMULTIMEDIA.

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