December 1, 2007

Hello world!


Welcome to DesignWorksAtlantic

I’d never claim to be an expert in anything… especially design, though I do know what I like, what works in a web page and as importantly what doesn’t. I have functioned as an Independent Consultant for over 20 years and most of my favorite projects were in the areas of concept development through to the implementation or roll out of creative web sites, building design, real estate development or business start up. In most of those projects I’ve been the project lead & I’ve had a major input in the creative process of interpreting the vision and intent of the client & finding a way to put that into code & have it work.

Through all that time the world of computer aided design has changed dramatically, in most part for the better but with the faster computers, better software and higher band width came CLUTTER!

Good design is more than white space ….. clean design tends to be easy on the eyes, easy to understand & easy to navigate and easy to use. If the visitor can’t find what he’s looking for & get what he wants …. in most cases he’s gone as fast as he got there. Good design is attractive, transparent, functional, and fast.

Just because the designers can make everything go wizz – bang doesn’t mean that they should.

Technical writers (instruction & How to) are told they should write assuming the average reader has a grade 8 or nine skill level. It’s not much different on web sites. The assumption that the average visitor is a full blown geek will get the site in trouble every time. Logic and experience have told me that to be use full and effective a good site should assume the average viewer is using a computer thats one or two generations back, doesn’t have ultra high speed internet & has the attention span of of a flee with ADD.

Visitors to this blog will see the things that I feel are done right, that will change how we do what we do, and some of the oddities that makes life fun. I encourage you to see what you can learn from my musings and the articles I clip.

  • In the section titled The Class Room I will post full articles on design basics
  • In the section titled The Design Business I’ll post full articles on the business & marketing side of the design world including the developing trends.
  • In the Section titled Toys for the Boys I will post product releases & reviews on software, equipment, and service providers.

Welcome to my world ….wacky, weird and at times wild. Read on and please let me know what you think.

Have fun & enjoy!

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